Black Business Enterprises


TCFF and BBE have partnered to launch  Black on Screen.  As BIPOC leaders in our respective industries/non profit sectors, our aligned mission is to raise awareness, create discourse and share resources about our Black communities w/ the wider population. As we launch our Black on Screen (raising Black voices) fest w/in the TCFF umbrella, we’re on the ‘hunt’ for corporate allies to help us.


In Partnership with the Black Business Enterprises (BBE), The Black on Screen Film Festival will focus on spotlighting and elevating Black creators, their voices and stories. The purpose of this festival is to engage the wider community in conversations through films created by Black filmmakers. Film can be a powerful catalyst for healing and growth for anybody who is open to learning how stories affect us and to watching certain films with conscious awareness.

Through the Black On Screen Film Festival, we seek to bring together community of arts and storytelling enthusiasts, artists, and filmmakers from around the country for screenings, curated conversations, mixers and networking.

The Black on Screen Film Festival will feature 10-15 film screenings (Narratives, Docs, Shorts Programs) w/ post film discussions with filmmakers in attendance. Program will be inclusive of ensuring that the Black on Screen Film Festival is financially accessible to all socioeconomic backgrounds with reduced ticket prices and free films. The festival will make all non-film events (networking, panels, discussions) absolutely free for anyone to attend. The screenings will be offered in person as well as on the TCFF Streaming Platform



BBE will identify 2-3 local Black owned businesses in need of Video services (Website Info Videos, Social Media and Promotional Visual Media Content, etc.) without the appropriate budgets and gift each business the content they ‘need’ to help their businesses grow. TCFF Production Services will hire local Black Filmmakers to make these videos and connect with the business owners. This community led effort will support the overall mission and local businesses while employing our Black Filmmakers!

TCFF and BBE have built partnerships with a network of Black focused community organizations that will help us connect and engage deeper with the community members.

The Black on Screen FF will have post film discussions after each film premiere as well as a curated educational panel discussion featuring ‘Black’ Creators. Through our community partnerships, we will offer hands-on mentor-ship opportunities for youth in our community. The youth will be placed with professional filmmakers and on film ‘sets’ including the Productions

Education + Mentorships