Black Business Enterprises

Our Mission


Black Business Enterprises Fund started as a grassroot mission where members were assisted with all things business, we assisted with technology needs, small grants and anything to help them stay in business.

What we realized is that minorities are struggling with starting and sustaining their businesses and one of the main reasons is due to lack of funding and lack of education, we decided to lead with financial education and preparing entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can seek capital. Black Business Enterprises aims to help guide and educate entrepreneurs, local community members and youth on building and sustaining a business through financial education. 
Capital access remains the most important factor limiting our communities, expansion and growth of minority-owned businesses. Given this well established constraint, the current financial environment has placed a greater burden on minority entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their businesses thriving in today’s economy. 
Black Business Enterprises Fund partners with local businesses to help educate and support our members with financial literacy workshops, resources and all things in between to help them operate and ultimately succeed. Our primary mission is promoting community development by offering both financial and educational services.
We offer  tangible programs and initiatives that address these problems, we track success and hope to start important conversations to make meaningful changes that will ultimately eliminate these issues.