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We recognize that there is a strong link between financial literacy and financial wellness among the communities we serve. 
Those who are more financially literate are more likely to plan and save for retirement, to have non-retirement savings and to better manage their debt; they are also less likely to be financially fragile.
Financial skills, such as personal finance, budgeting, and investing sometimes seem like foreign languages and one of the big factors why we are not able to raise our economic status.
There is still a huge disparity  in the rates of financial literacy across different racial and ethnic groups which perpetuates the massive wealth gap. Financial literacy has become more vital since the increase in use of credit cards, loans, student loans and mortgages. 
We want to help put an end to this gap by including youth so they can start making good decisions early and educating parents and young adults in making better financial decisions.
We offer monthly free financial literacy classes once a month in person and virtual from the comfort of your home. Financial Literacy Is CRITICALLY Important For Black Americans, so we are here to be of support. We consider financial literacy a SUPERPOWER!
We have created a SAFE space for you to come, gather and learn together, ask questions and there are no limits to how many workshops you attend.
We will continue to add and expand our programs as needed to meet the community’s needs.

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