Black Business Enterprises



Black Business Enterprises (later Black Business Enterprises Fund) started in 2015 when founder Nancy Korsah was working for a major Bank inCharlotte, North Carolina. Nancy was always approached by her co-workers for resume review. Nancy had been with the bank only 3 years and had been promoted four times and always advocated for her co-workers and all people of color to not stay stagnant in lower level positions so much so that she was written up for inciting a riot after she found out about the pay disparity between races.

Nancy started re-writing her co-worker’s resumes and they were getting promoted or finding better positions outside of the bank after much encouragement. By 2018 Nancy had mentored and helped over 400 colleagues, friends and co-workers with their resumes, encouraged them to take additional courses and to believe and know that they deserved more.

By 2018 Nancy helped over 1400 minorities gain higher paying banking jobs all over the country through her mentorship.



In 2020 Nancy decided that there was a greater need prior to the George Floyd murder, a chance encounter with an amazing community builder Brian White helped her propel her mission in the community to what Black Business Enterprises Fund is today
In October 2020 Nancy launched the 1st Black Business Ball in Minneapolis, an effort to heal the city and bring together black owned businesses, honor them, award small grants and give them the much needed spotlight to help their businesses thrive.



In 2021 Nancy had injected couple hundred thousand dollars into her community, with the help of friends and family and by donating her time and resources to address immediate needs, so she filed for an official 501(c)(3) status which was granted in February of 2022