Black Business Enterprises


The Ujamaa principle, better known as “Cooperative Black Economics” serves as the foundation of Black Business Enterprises.

The black dollar circulates its own community less than three times before it leaves it. We recognize that with black people spending upwards of 1.2 trillion dollars per year, there must be an effort put for to increase the amount of time that money must circulate internally. Black Business Enterprises has committed its efforts towards creating an intentional and near-seamless process to achieving this goal.

Meet our CEO and Founder, Nancy Korsah

Nancy was born and raised in Italy, originally Ghanian (West Africa). While in Italy, her family was among the super minority living in a town that was 99.8% white, she struggled to find her identity and struggled to belong. When she moved to the US she was welcomed by the African American community, that helped shape her and her views on the community, this inspired her mission to help the community that welcomed her and inspired her. Nancy has a background in Aviation, banking and has many other talents, but her main focus and priority is to foster back economics and help the black communities across the US thrive through BBE.